Why Hair Transplant is Better Option than other Treatment?

Hair Transplant in India

Why Hair Transplant is Better Option than other Treatment?

Men or women who face severe hair loss problem feel terrible unhappiness with the change of their appearance. Hair loss may be caused by several factors and need immediate treatment after the problem is noticed. Some of hair loss types are reversible and can restore hair growth. But irreversible hair loss conditions need to get new hair follicles to generate growth of new hairs. Hair transplant is a good option for hair restoration and gets it permanent along with joy and contentment. Hair transplant success rate is very high and many people are aware of this treatment in modern society. In India, it has become popular and chosen by the people who suffer from severe hair loss problem.

Hair Transplant, Better Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive and aesthetic procedure done by expert hair transplant specialists. As it needs advanced technology equipment, experienced staff, and expert surgeon to complete the cosmetic surgery procedure, a patient should select a clinic and doctor very carefully. The total cost of a hair transplant includes the number of hair grafts to transfer from the donor area to the bald area on the scalp. People think it is a costly treatment and fear for going under this surgery, but actually, hair transplant is a good choice for getting permanent treatment. People may think that other therapies can do the same, but in reality, there is so much difference between hair transplant and other procedures.

Treatments other than Hair Transplant

  • HijamaHijama is a therapy which is also called Wet Cupping which helps a person get well from any physical illness or get stress relief. It gives relaxation, reduces health-related issues, and also overcome psychological problems. The procedure involves cutting the skin and making blood drawn in suction cups. For the persons who suffer from hair loss, they can try the therapy by using Dry Cupping process. This helps to open hair follicles and make them activated and grow healthy hair. But the problem is that Hijama therapy always not suggestible for avoiding hair fall because some health conditions do not support to obtain this. Persons having skin allergies and irritations are not ideal for this treatment, which are common conditions in some types of hair loss diseases.
  • Hair PatchesHair patches or wigs can be used to cover the bald area of head which look like the normal hairstyle. But these need proper maintenance and also gives side effects. After some time duration, they must be exchanged with new ones. They look good but may contain artificial hair strands which make difference from natural hair. Hair transplant is a better alternative for wigs to get permanent and native hair growth.
  • Scalp ThreadingHair restoration can be done in another procedure called Scalp Threading. In this process, Polydioxanone Monofilament Threads are left in the skin of the bald area with the help of micro needles. People are able to cover the bald area with the help of scalp threading, but there are some fixes and cannot be completely successful.

Choose Hair Transplant for Hair Growth

In a comparison of hair transplant with other therapies, hair transplant offers promising result which is permanent. As hair transplant cost in India is very much reasonable and valuable to the output given by this. It is good to opt and obtain abundant natural hairs on the scalp where baldness or patches appear.

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