What Type of Doctors Treat Hair Loss?

What Type of Doctors Treat Hair Loss?

Hair Loss in an elusive problem which every physician cannot diagnose and treat. It is difficult for someone who is not expert in the field, didn’t get a relevant education, certification and training. In hair loss treatment, extensive tests and examinations are performed and are important to find out the root cause of hair loss because it’s not a standalone issue, there could be underlying health problems and conditions related to hair loss.

Hormonal balance, autoimmune disorders, treatments and their medication for illness, various skin conditions, genetic predisposition, physical and emotional stress and some more reasons that can cause hair loss. Such extreme cases make it difficult for people who are facing hair loss, to understand that which type of doctor they should meet to solve their issue.

Medical professionals who can treat hair loss

There are various types of health professionals and doctors who can help you in treating your hair loss problem in various ways. These are the few experts and professionals in the field of hair restoration and regeneration.


Dermatologists are medical professionals of skin and hair who should be able to treat topical skin and hair fall conditions. These doctors can identify the hair loss condition that why your hairs are falling and prescribe a suitable treatment options and medications such as cortisone injections, PRP injections, topical or oral medications that promote fast hair follicle recovery and hair reproduction.


If we look, technically, trichologists are not medical professionals who can legally prescribe hair loss treatment. However, they are still specialists of hair and scalp and eligible to work along with your health practitioner (hair specialist) to recommend certain lifestyle changes which can stop the hair fall and promote natural hair growth. These lifestyle changes are quitting smoking, improving diet that contains proteins, vitamins and minerals, addition of certain daily exercises in your life also using home-based remedies to reverse your hair loss.


They are experts in Hormonal Development and the organs which produce certain organs in the body. With some tests, they are able to detect the imbalanced hormones that are causing certain health problems. Hormones either could be producing too much by these organs or a little, both cases can cause serious health concerns. Hair loss can occur when the level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) increases in the body. DHT is a part of testosterone present in the body of all humans to some extent which is relevant to hair growth of some parts of the body like chest, back, abdomen, arms and pubic area. An endocrinologist is capable of finding this hormonal imbalance and guide you to a suitable solution.


Sometimes hair loss is caused by lack of nutrition in the body like proteins, vitamins and minerals. A nutritionist can sort this issue, in consultation he can ask related questions. These question will specifically pinpoint your eating habits & diet. He will evaluate the diet that what is missing key nutrients in your body. Then he will build a good diet plan which will provide needed nutrients with your body that promotes hair growth.
Nutritionist can also work with your doctors to combines the treatments of both to provide faster results in regaining hair growth.

Determining What Kind of Hair Doctor you Need

In treating any serious physical ailment the best way to determine what kind of doctor you need, type of treatment required which are most suitable in your case, is to take multiple opinions on the matter. Compare a wide variety of perspectives, it will help you to take the right decision possibly good for your health.

In case of hair loss, there is a wide range of treatments are available such as medication, home remedies, Mesotherapy, PRP hair loss treatment, Hair transplant procedure like FUT and FUE. It’s important you take multiple consultations with good hair doctors, then finalise any decision for treatment.

Why it is Important to Choose Right Hair Doctor

As we have mentioned above there are various treatments available for hair loss. Now it becomes so necessary that any of these treatment is provided by hair doctors who is experienced enough, so the results can be satisfactory. Take a example if you choose to go for medication, then it will provide good results only when taken in right quantity. Extra doses can make the hair loss condition worst.

So, treatments could be anything, choosing the right doctor is far more important than anything.

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