Hair Transplantation – “A hair restoration treatment”

Hair Transplantation – “A hair restoration treatment”

Hair transplantation is a process to restore baldness of hairs. It helps in restoring eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, pubic hair. In this process some amount of hair is removed from hair-bearing scalp and is transplanted to fill an area with thin or no hair. The part from where hair follicles are removed is called donor site and where it is moved to bald or balding part it is known as recipient site.

Hairs from donor site are removed to place it in the balding area known as recipient site. The modern hair transplantation is done to achieve natural appearance by mimicking natural hair growth. It is also known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

Main concept of hair transplantation

In this process naturally grown hair is transplanted to bald areas. It is believed that as this transplanted hair are growing since birth and when replaced at bald area will not change their original characteristic and will continue to grow till old age.

Procedure of hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is basically a surgery in which special doctors and trained persons remove a narrow strip of hairs from hair bearing scalp and place it in area with thin or no hair. The hair transplantation is basically divided into 4 simple steps:

Pre process includes

The first process includes consultation with surgeon. He then evaluates hair loss history, your needs and etc. Then the best solution is evaluated.

  • The second step includes analysis of where the hairs need to be transplanted. It includes identifying the thinning hair areas, measuring the strength of hairs etc.
  • The third step includes trimming the donor area

Preparation of unit:

  • The trimmed hair is then tested by follicular units.
  • They then inspect the donor area hair & separate them in single/multiple hair grafts.

Actual process:

  • This includes making the recipient area numb by anesthesia.
  • Those grafts are then inserted to bald areas with stitches.
  • These stitches are surrounded by hairs so that scars get heal to leave only fine lines.
  • The operated area is then covered with a bandage for healing and protection.

Post procedure:

  • Once the hairs have been placed, doctors ensure that all hairs are properly placed.
  • Medications are advised to avoid any discomfort.

This completes your hair transplantation process. The successful placement depends upon the hair loss and quality of hairs. It also highly depends upon size, colour, hair type and hair quality.

Advantages of hair transplantation

Hair transplant is really a good process this day. You will surely be surprised with the result of hair transplantation.
    • 1This is properly performed under specialized surgeon and thus there is no risk of any damage to hair or root.
    • 2This process gets completed in few minutes and it heals and recovers in few days.
    • 2It is a cost effective technique as it yields high results in less money.
    • 4The best thing about this process is that you yourself are donor.
    • 5The quality is surely assured with follicular units in order to maintain proper placement of hairs.
    • 6It maintains the uniformity of distribution.

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