What If Hair Transplant Gone Wrong?

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What If Hair Transplant Gone Wrong?

There are various reasons due to which your hair transplant can go wrong, some of them are a selection of a bad hair transplant surgeon, improper aftercare, selection of incorrect method and so on, but how does it all happen, actually hair transplant is a process in which a good hair transplant surgeon removes hair grafts from one side of the scalp and transplants them to bald area of the scalp. If you are also bald and thinking about having a hair transplant or do you already had a hair transplant which is gone wrong. Readout this article to know what if your hair transplant has gone wrong. Experts at Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic are explaining about it, it provides one of the best Hair Transplant Treatment in Mumbai. So let’s get started.

First, let’s understand the reasons for the wrong hair transplant.

Inexperienced Surgeons And Clinics

The first thing which is needed for good results of a hair transplant is the abilities and expertise of the surgeon. The hair transplant surgeon must need to be well qualified and experienced to perform your hair transplant and if doesn’t happen, it affects the results of the hair transplant, it is seen in various cases that due to the carelessness and less experience the patients faced severe problems on the transplanted as well as on the donor area.

Wrong Selection Of The Method

Basically, there are two methods of hair transplant one is follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both these methods are effective on the verge that the surgeon who is performing it must have enough experience for doing so. The surgeon needs to decide the best method of hair transplant by analyzing the patients’ condition and suitability of the particular method, as its bald selection includes scarring and uneven growth of hair.

Cost of Hair Transplant

Cost of hair transplant is also a reason for the failure of a hair transplant, there are some clinics available in India which provide hair transplant within very fewer prices but in actual, there is no guarantee of these types of clinics as the surgery provided in these clinics is performed by technicians or inexperienced surgeons, which leads to failure of hair transplant surgery.

How To Correct The Bad Results Of A Hair Transplant?

There are various ways through which the bad results of a hair transplant can be corrected, but for this, you will have to consult a good hair transplant surgeon who has a certain experience to perform corrective hair transplant surgeries. Below are some ways to correct the bad results of a hair transplant.

Graft Incision

In this method, the surgeon removes the larger grafts which were placed incorrectly and replant them with proper method and technique.

Hair Camouflaging

This process is performed when the results of hair transplant surgery are completely bad and need simple correction. In this, the surgeon removes small 1-2 hair follicular units to transplant in front to improve the hairline.

Combined Repair

When the surgery is completely a failure, the surgeon needs to perform a combination of camouflaging and graft incision to attain the best results of the transplant, but the process is a combination of both the process and thus needs to be done with very many skills and qualification.


So if you have already had surgery and are not satisfied with the results, do not lose hope and consult a good hair transplant like the hair transplant treatment in Mumbai, a good surgeon with maximum qualification and experience will help you in providing the best results of your surgery. You can also visit the Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic which provides the best Hair Transplant Treatment In Mumbai. So check the website and book your appointment right now.

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