Risk And Security

  • 1Risk

    Nutrite Hair Transplant provides FUT services for hair transplantation which gives always satisfactory result with a long, silky and permanent hair growth. But the only risk is that it is a surgical process, hair are implanted in a bald area from a permanent hair growth area mostly from side or back scalp, so it requires cutting of donar area. After stitching that donor part sometimes marks or scares are visible. In most cases swelling are also visible on forehead and scalp. It is also wastage of some follicles because a long strip is taken and only some follicles are to be used according to the baldness and remaining follicles are not taken in use again.

  • 2Safety

    FUT is a best hair transplant method provided by Nutrite Hair Transplant clinic it has no side effects and if patients feel uneasy or uncomfortable, medication is helpful in recovery and can also use some moisturizer that provide relief.