About Nutrite FUT

Hair fall or hair loss is very common problem in every man and women. To overcome this problem, Nutrite hair transplant clinic has a several surgical method that gives satisfactory results. Hair transplantation surgery includes techniques like FUE, FUT, and PRP.Nutrite hair transplant has a best solution for hair loss. Follicular unit transplant(FUT), is a procedure in which hair strip( not a single hair) is transplanted from a donar area like a side or back scalp and implanted in the receiver side of bald area. FUT gives natural hair growth with silky, shiny and with a strong root that helps in hair regrowth. The effect of this method is that, hair is transplanted in the form of individual unit called follicular unit, into a bald area from a donor side that successfully gives natural occurring group of 1-4 graft, so that it gives completely natural hair growth and appearance and by this it is unnoticeable as a hair is transplanted. Before this procedure a local anaesthesia is used on a patient’s bald area, so that the treatment is not painful.