Risk And Safety

Mainly the Nutrite FUE Hair Transplant did not involved risk as it’s a very successful kind of surgery but still it’s a surgery so sometime side effects can take place and as we know every risk has a safety or precautions. Some Risk and Safety purposes are:

  • 1Scars are the most important problem but they will get fade within a few days.
  • 2Swelling, Itching, Discomfort in the scalp so it is very important not to disturb the newly hairs by scratching because it can lead to Hair Fall but still this all side effects are temporary they will recover very soon.
  • 3Hair can grow uneven or in a bad design so for this Hair Specialist Doctors will follow the right procedures.
  • 4Holes that are made to extract follicles are very small so it contains a risk of cut across and finds it difficult to place the grafts.
  • 4 Hair Specialist Doctors should look after the patient’s’ needs and desires.