How To Tell Family & Friends About Your Hair Transplant

How To Tell Family & Friends About Your Hair Transplant

Once you have decided to take hair transplant surgery, you would probably be thinking about sharing the news with your friends and family. You will want that you and family both are prepared for this change. You don’t have to allow them to change the decision you have made, also you want them on your side at the time of surgery.

Communicating is vital in such situation

But, when you talk about surgeries with your family, it can be difficult because they might think your look is going to change after that “God knows how would you look like”. Is the decision right for you or not? Would it affect your physical or mental health or not?

Here are a few points that may come in handy:

Honesty Is Best When You Talk About Procedure

“When everything goes to hell the people who stand by you without flinching is your family”

It’s the most important thing to have the support of your family, Include here your friends too, when you are deciding to take a hair transplant procedure, When news is shared, family members might tell why you need to change the way you look now, you already look great. They might try to convince you by telling you are unique in yourself, you don’t need to change anything, what if the surgery didn’t go well.

Don’t let such opinions or questions change your mind, you have to be assertive.

Be clear, share every intention you have regarding the decision and why you are up to it. Tell them how inferior you feel in personal and professional aspects of life and how getting hairs back can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Share them everything about the procedure, precaution, costing, surgeon and everything. Remember, you don’t have to hide anything, but highlight everything.

Don’t Take Too Much Time For It

If you talk with family early on then the surgery decision can be more objective. After all, you are 100% sure about it.
The first talk with your spouse, as you would like to know what they are going feel after this change, however, he/she would come around eventually after the surgery.
Your friends might actually try to tell you are already good looking, there is no need to change anything. They may not feel your emotions if they understand that your self-confidence is at stake then, they will respond positively.

Take A Wing-Man With You

Everybody has one sibling or friend who understands you more than anyone. Bring them on your family discussion as they will support you in any way, help in keeping your points before family. It’s necessary that somebody is there to sort things out if it gets worse during the conversation. If your friend understands your points then he might help in illustrating them in a better way.
You will need someone to confront when your family doesn’t support you in decision of hair transplant as they might think they can take better decision for your body. So, having a friend with you in that conversation is a vital choice.

Final Thought

Talking about hair transplant surgery with your family can be awkward at first. Understand that you are there to inform the about the decision, not for their approval. So, Have a healthy conversation and inform them.

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