Kalpesh Tyagi

Kalpesh Tyagi

Hair Fall?
OK Fine Son. Don’t act like a girl. And No need to worry because your old hair will fall and new will come – Said my Mom.

So I also Ignore, And Just Do my work. But After 6 Months I am just combing in front of the mirror and my mom come and saw my hair is becoming so thin and some patches also appear. Then she told me, oh! this is not a time to Baldness. This is a time for your marriage, my son. She was so panicked about thinking of my marriage, and why she not? I am a single son of her.
I also so scared about thinking of my personal and professional life. Because if it’s a hair loss then it was OK. But no, problem is that I was becoming Bald. And I was also not concentrating on my work properly. And was feeling so depressed.
Then I just saw Nutritehairtransplant on Google, A best clinic for all hair problems in Delhi. When working in office. Then I just fix my Appointment their without thinking of price and all other question.
And The Day, When I came into Nutritehairtranspalnt Clinic.
I was very scared with the constant hair fall, I was experiencing & Also, some patches – I Said to Doctor.
They Explain Me everything about hair fall and all hair problems very nicely , and give me courage for treatment, and I agree for FUE hair transplantation. Under the vigilant and expert eyes of Clinic, The Treatment was so easy and comfortable for me.
I can say, With the Hair Transplant treatment and expert care from specialists in Nutritehairtranspalnt, I saw the hair on My scalp grow and cover all my patches. Within 8 months there was a total recovery. I want to say that along with my hair I also gained My confidence back!
And my Mom also very happy with Nutritehairtransplant.

Thank You So Much Nutrite & Good Luck !!!