DOs And DON’ts After A Hair Transplant

DOs And DON’ts After A Hair Transplant

Hair loss and baldness are one of the most common problems that are increasing rapidly, according to a portal every third man in the world has a problem of hair loss or baldness, looking upon the treatment for it, hair transplant is the only solution which can provide the best results with new growth of hair on the bald region. But before thinking about opting for a hair transplant it is important to know some dos and don’ts of a hair transplant, readout this article to know about them, in which the best hair transplant doctors at Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic are explaining about it, it provides the Best Hair Transplant In Mumbai. So let’s get started.

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What Is A Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a process in which hairs from the backside of the scalp are removed and then transplanted on the bald area of the scalp, it is a complete surgical procedure which involves an incision in both the areas that are at the recipient area and transplanted area, so it is important to select the best surgeon for performing the surgery and also you need to follow all the necessary aftercare for having the positive results of the surgery.

Let’s discuss the dos and don’ts after the hair transplant:

The DOs After A Hair Transplant

– The dos list of hair transplants includes the following.

  • The first thing after a hair transplant, tell someone to take you to the home, then rest awhile as guided by the physician, as discussed above hair transplant is a surgical procedure and it is very important that you should follow all the instructions of your surgeon in order to recover fast.
  • Always keep the number of your surgeon on your phone and also share it with your family members so that they can call in case of any emergency.
  • Do spray the liquid given by the surgeon on the scalp, it helps in healing the wound at donor as well as recipient area.
  • Keep yourself clean and away from any type of infection in order to get safe and fast recovery.
  • Do use a soft pillow for sleeping, which will help you to reduce any type of pressure at the donor area..

The Don’ts After A Hair Transplant

– The Don’ts list of hair transplants includes the following.

  • Do not get in direct sunlight for a few days after a hair transplant. If it seems necessary to outside use a hat to avoid direct contact with the sunlight.
  • Do not touch the donor as well as recipient area again and again, as it can cause severe side effects.
  • Do not get in touch with too much water, like avoid swimming for a few days of hair transplant.
  • Do not consume alcohol in the starting days of hair transplant, as it can interrupt blood flow to the newly transplanted hair follicles.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes like T-shirts or pullovers, as this can harm the hair follicles while wearing and removing.


Hope this article will help to come on any conclusion, as hair transplant is the best treatment which helps in getting new hairs at the place of baldness, so if you are one such who is thinking to have a hair transplant, research all the related terms of hair transplant, you can also come to the Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic for clear consultation, it is one of the best clinics which provides the Best Hair Transplant In Mumbai. So visit the website and call now for further inquiry.

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