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A hair transplant is a non-invasive surgical procedure that involves the extraction of hair follicles from the backside of the scalp and transplanting them to the bald area of the scalp. All it needs is a good hair transplant surgeon who has the capability, qualifications, and experience of performing the hair transplant. Looking over its cost, there are many factors that decide the overall cost of a hair transplant. Let’s find out the Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi and anywhere in India, and also the factors related to it.

Factors that affect the cost of hair transplant surgery:

The amount of baldness

It is the basic element which decides the overall cost of hair transplant, a good hair transplant surgeon deeply analyzes the area of hair fall or baldness on which the hair transplant needs to be done and the number of follicles it needs for hair transplant, after all, he may analyze the cost of hair transplant which one needed to spend for the surgery.

The locality of the clinic

India is a big country, and there are a number of hair transplant clinics, so the cost of hair transplant also varies according to the inflation rates of various parts of the country. For example, the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai will vary from the cost of hair transplant in Delhi.

Number of grafts required for surgery

The number of grafts taken also play an important role in deciding the cost of hair transplant, an experienced hair transplant surgeon analyze the overall condition of hair loss and then finalize the number of grafts needed.
In India, the ideal charges for each graft vary between INR 40 to INR 100. The more number of grafts you require, the more the cost you have to pay for your hair transplant.

Method of hair transplant

Basically, there are two methods for having a hair transplant, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). In FUE hair transplant surgeon extracts individual grafts from the donor area and transplant them on the bald area of the scalp and in FUT technique the surgeon removes a strip of hair follicles from the donor area and after the grafts were extracted from the strip and transplanted into the bald region of the scalp.
Both these methods are effective having their own pros and cons, but the FUE technique looks a little bit costly as compared to the FUT technique.

Experience and qualification of surgeon

The donor area is the back area of the scalp where the hair needs to be extracted for hair transplant, and it is important that the donor’s hair is thick having sufficient amount of hair grafts, and in case, the patient’s own weak donor area then body hair transplant remains the option and body hair transplant require more hair expertise and experience, thus the price for it also remains high in proportion to the normal hair transplant.

Availability of donor hair grafts

These are the most important aspect which decides the cost of hair transplant along with the success rates of the hair transplant. In India, it is common that technicians perform hair transplants just to earn money, so it is important to check the qualification and experience of the doctor before deciding to have a hair transplant.


Hair transplant is normally a way expensive than other treatments, but it is important to choose the best hair transplant surgeon to witness successful results, so if you are looking to have a hair transplant Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic is one best clinic which provides hair transplant within affordable Cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore. So visit the website and book your appointment now.