Can Hair Transplant Cause Any Side Effects?

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Can Hair Transplant Cause Any Side Effects?

Hair transplant is the only permanent treatment through which it is possible to grow new and natural growth of hair again, in among where other treatments for hair loss and baldness hair transplant proves to be the best treatment, but there are several things which need to keep in mind while deciding to have a hair transplant, do you know which method is best for opting a hair transplant? Do you know which kind of surgeon is best to perform your surgery? There are various things like this to know before having a hair transplant because a single mistake can cause severe side effects and failure of the surgery, so if you are looking forward to having a hair transplant readout this article in which experts at Nutrite Hair Transplant Clinic are explaining about it, it is one of the best clinics which provides Hair Transplant in Mumbai. So let’s get started.

Before starting to analyze the hair transplant let’s first discuss what actually is a hair transplant.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a process in which hairs from one side of the scalp usually the backside of the scalp are extracted to transplant them on the bald area of the scalp, the area from where the hairs are removed is known as donor area and the area where they are transplanted is known as recipient area.

Methods of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant typically involves two methods that are follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both these methods are effective if you choose a good surgeon and clinic for performing your hair transplant.

Who Can Perform Your Hair Transplant?

The surgeon you choose for performing your hair transplant must need to be qualified, certified, and experienced. A good surgeon analyzes the patient’s scalp properly, performs necessary tests, checks the medical history of the patient and then decides the suitable method for performing for hair transplant. Most of the successful results of a hair transplant depend upon the skills and expertise of the surgeon.

What Are The Myths Related To Hair Transplant?

Some people think that hair transplant can cause side effects, but it is not true to the extent that you have selected the best hair transplant surgeon, along with selecting a good surgeon you will also need to follow the recovery process, and if the recovery process is not followed properly as instructed by the surgeon, you will have to face the following side effects.

  • In the initial days of hair transplant, some people witness bleeding & swelling on the scalp, if they do not follow the instruction of the surgeon to spray the scalp for the starting few days.
  • Some people feel itching on their scalp, in this case, they will have to take the medication properly given by the doctor.
  • If your hair transplant was not done with hygienic ways then there are chances that you will have to face severe infection on the transplanted as well as donor area.
  • Some people think that shock loss is also a side effect of hair transplant in which hairs from the transplanted area also fall, but in reality, it is a normal action and the transplanted hair starts to grow again after some time of the hair transplant.


Hair transplant is a surgical process which brings out natural looking hairs at the place of baldness, but for having a safe and successful hair transplant it is most important that you should choose the best hair transplant surgeon like the hair transplant in Mumbai, a good surgeon not only performs the hair transplant to trigger natural results but also guides and instructs the patient for healthy and safe recovery, so if you are looking to have a hair transplant Nutrite Hair Transplant is one of the best clinics which proves the best Hair Transplant in Mumbai, so if you are looking forward to having a hair transplant, visit the website and book your appointment now.

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